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Dr. Marisa Naismith is an accomplished international speaker, performance coach, voice teacher, and podcast host. Her broad range of skills and experiences make her a sought-after speaker and coach, capable of inspiring and guiding individuals to unlock their full potential. She is the author of Contemporary Commercial Music Styles: A Pedagogical Framework and she hosts a popular podcast called “A Voice and Beyond.”

Find out more about Marisa at  drmarisaleenaismith.com

Podcast with Dr. Marisa Lee Naismith

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July – What’s Coming Up

  • 5 & 12 – Mindfulness Playshop with Denise 6:30 at the Shanti 363 Deer Park Way NE, Pilot, VA FREE
  • 7 – 7:00 pm YogaGypsy – Springdale, Arkansas , Register at https://www.yogagypsy.com/events
  • 15 – Concerts and Playshops in Sicily, Italy with Toni – La Dimora Degli Dei

If you have dreamed of going to Italy, now is the perfect time!

Join Toni and Basilio Varveri in Leonforte, Sicilia for concerts and mindfulness workshops. Stay tuned for more details.

  • 3 – 28 – Mindful Musician Moments at Governor’s School, Radford, Virginia (closed to public)

    June – Where we’ve been

  • 4- Unity at Fayetteville, Special Guest Musician with Toni 10:30 am FREE
  • 28- Mindfulness Playshop with Denise 6:30 at the Shanti
  • 30- Fayetteville Movement Festival, book signing with Toni


We are very grateful for your reviews! If you learned something from the book or enjoyed one of our wokshops we would be be thrilled for you to leave us an Amazon or Google Review.

Thank you Stella!

Stella Lora Heiniemi

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Truly creating a harmonious you! Easy to read,process and repeat! Grazie!

Reviewed in the UnitedStates on June 20, 2023

“Bella! Bella!Brilliant is putting it mildly. You will not find a better read, or tool foryour self-worth toolbox. All in under 200 pages! I purchased this book becauseit called me like a lighthouse in the sea of the unknown. “The Mindfulnessof Singing” is a must-read for any artist.

This book is abeautiful guide, that anyone, from any background, walk of life, or level oflife experience can receive great benefit from reading! Combining simple yetprofound techniques gathered through years of collective training, authored bymasters. A true literate masterpiece! Bravo! Bravo!

In one sessionI was able to reach into areas of breathwork and a higher range in my voice. Ifelt like I finally totally arrived in my body for the first time. I have beensinging for over thirty years and in one session. Shazaam! This book will makea great gift for anyone who has everything or for someone who wants to sing,meditate, affirm their self-worth, breathe correctly, or simply fine-tune theirdreams! Can you say “YaY!”

I think theback cover says it all ” Change your habits, change your life, and justlet singing be the tool that provides you with immediate feedback. Readers willbe guided through the authors’ four-step SING Method which brings awareness toone’s mind, body, and spirit. Applying actionable hands-on tips creates avibrant and more fully present lifestyle, which enriches one’s authenticvoice.” all true my friends.

Thank you! Toni Crowderand Denise Ritter Bernardini! Never give up! What a beautiful gift you haveshared with all of us. In deep gratitude. Grazie!”