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The Mindful

We get it! Sometimes the idea of being mindful all the time can sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t want to sit and meditate, but you would love to bring more awareness to your mind, body, and spirit. The Mindfulness of Singing can be your doorway to a whole new world of exploration that can truly enrich every area of your life. If you have two vocal cords that vibrate, you can open the door to exploration and fun. Your soul will thank you and your mindfulness practice will grow!

Person singing in shower

Shower Singers & Hummers

Come on fess up! We know you love singing in the shower and humming along with the radio, but secretly you wish you could share your love of singing with others. The Mindfulness of Singing can be a wonderful tool to help you unleash the blockages from expressing your unique voice. Turn the water off and come “dive-in” with us. We guarantee a safe and supportive environment for exploring your true passion and your natural voice!

Professional singer on stage

Professional Singers

Let’s face it! The constant grind of a professional singer can sometimes take away the true joy of singing! From hard rock to opera and everything in between, relying on your voice for a paycheck can certainly take its toll. The Mindfulness of Singing can help reignite your inner spark and help undercover hidden mysteries of your voice. Come explore new possibilities and reinvigorate your soul and sound. Our goal is not to change your professional voice, but to maximize your potential and joy!

Come Explore

Whether you sing on the stage or in the shower, the hidden treasure of singing is uncovering the mindfulness practice hidden below the surface.

Learn more about this right now on our podcast.

Denise and Toni in garden

Who We Are

Two singers who heard others say “I wish I could sing” a thousand times took action! Tired of this same refrain over and over, Denise Bernardini and Toni Crowder took to the page and created The Mindfulness of Singing to let others know that it’s more than having a voice.

Whether you sing on the stage or in the shower, the hidden treasure of singing is uncovering the mindfulness practice hidden below the surface. Mindfulness and singing have been scientifically proven to positively impact one’s life, and these two spunky women have just the right amount of spice to bring this story to life!

Change your habits, change your life and let singing be the tool that provides you with immediate feedback. Readers will be guided through the authors’ four-step “SING Method” which brings awareness to one’s Mind, Body, and Spirit. Applying the actionable hands-on tips creates a vibrant and more fully present lifestyle, which enriches one’s authentic voice.

The Mindfulness of Singing; Creating a Harmonious Mind, Body, and Spirit is available to download on Kindle NOW! Print version will be available to order 2/1/23!

Voice And Vocal Pedagogy Professor

Between the two of them, Denise and Toni have over fifty years of experience teaching private voice lessons at the university level and in their own private studios. They certainly have you covered with decades of success and expertise in teaching voice!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

Denise holds a certification from the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and has created her own coaching business helping artists of all kinds change their mindset, reach their goals and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

Certified YogaVoice® Practitioner

Toni combines her training and background as a Music Educator, Music Therapist, CYVT (certified YogaVoice® practitioner), and RYT-200 (Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour yoga teacher) to create an active and safe studio for her students. Toni brings the beautiful practices of yoga to the Mindfulness of Singing experiences.

Internationally Recognized Soloists

In addition to teaching, these two women have performed with acclaimed artists and conductors in prestigious venues around the globe. They have toured, traveled, and created their own successful one-woman shows. They have plenty of first-hand experience with performing!

Denise and Toni are personal growth junkies. They are both constantly exploring new avenues for growth and adventure. With Denise’s leaning towards science and Toni’s interest in spirituality, the two women make a dynamite pair for enhancing your own Mindfulness of Singing experience. Connect with them and let your growth and development begin!

How Mindful Singing Is Different

What sets apart the Mindfulness of Singing from traditional voice training is the focus is not on technique but the whole singer. We provide services that:

Improve overall wellness

Give each person the freedom to express themselves without judgement

Individual vocal training is also available

Embrace a unique way to increase mindfulness

Enhance one’s overall understanding of how their voice works giving them more confidence within their own singing

Discover self-inquiry in a variety of ways

Empower individuals to love their own voice and see it as a tool for healing

Plug into the variety of different opportunities we provide and find the right match for your individual needs.

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